1996 Xmas


Twas night before Christmas and all through the boat, nobody was moving yet we heard a loud note! It was Nick on the masthead trying hard to abstain, for he had stubbed his big toe and was writhing in pain.

 We looked out the porthole and to our surprise, the lights from our tree had taken to rise! Up, up the backstay and down, down the fore, Nick had been taken up by the lore! He had taken to cheer as a mouse to his cheese but had slipped in his footing as he tried not to sneeze!

  As we looked up the mast, and he started to cower, we realized that all he needed was power! We marched to the inverter, grabbed hold of a beer and as we hit the red button, Nick started to sneer.

We gazed towards the sky and counted the stars!  But lo and behold, those white lights were all ours!! Dear Nick had taken the lights from the tree for no other reason than to share Christmas glee! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year as well, and let all of us hope Nick’s toe stops to swell.

Ho! Ho! Ho!  From all of the happy elves on the OUT OF BOUNDS!!!!

Gustavia, St. Barth’s- Christmas 1996


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