1998 Xmas

A Christmas Poem

T’was two weeks before Christmas, we were but afloat,
We were heading to Cape Town via our boat.
Round, round the Cape we all wished to go,
Weather permitting, no Southwester to blow.

The Cape of Good Hope, few sailors would dare,
What could we do but wait, look, and stare.
The fury, the current, the fast moving lows,
I think we would all as soon pray for some snow!

The first passage south, in years, we would boast,
The yacht Out of Bounds had defied the Wild Coast.
Ships over time that had been where we’d been,
Were only to have never been heard from again.

We made Port Elizabeth, no fear had occurred
But I think that by now we had all been quite stirred!
Intrepid we were, Bill, Alex, Suzy, Sally and Mick,
And Lucy was fearless, although a bit sick,The Out of Bounds Christmas Tree
One week before Christmas we arrived in Mossel Bay,
The wind was now howling, but we said “what the hay!”
Alex had helmed a long way with no lunch,
Except in the end, we arrived with a crunch!

To list our misfortunes I’d have to be vague;
It almost had seemed that this place was a plague.
We had now torn the mainsail, the jib, and a sheet,
And poor OOB was now looking quite beat.

Still, our anticipation would not cease to grow!
With two hundred forty five miles to go,
The Indian Ocean had been quite a pain
Oh, just to be in the Atlantic again.

The seas were quite large, but we decided to leave,
Our intention, make Cape Town, by Christmas Eve.
Three days before Christmas, the sky was still gray,
But off we had gone with the boat “Gypsy Spray.”

Round, round the Cape of Good Hope we would go!
The wind from the east continued to blow!
The boat pointed north and the sail did then sag,
However, our dear Lucy’s tail started to wag.

See Lucy’s first Christmas was now soon to be,
A moment of triumph and wisdom and glee.
We have made it to Cape Town, let it be known.
With a bow round her neck and a big juicy bone,

Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New Year
from all of us on the Out of Bounds!

-Bill, Alex, Suzy, Mick, Sally,..... and of course, Lucy.
Victoria and Alfred Marina
Cape Town, South Africa
Lat S 33.54.53 Lon E 18.25.19


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