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The following is the actual captains log from the “Out of Bounds” from Newport, RI to Bermuda. Alex and Jeff had watch from 8:00 to 12:00, Bill and Nick from 12:00 to 4:00, Sergei from 4:00 to 8:00.  This is the first experience of sailing together as a crew, and with the exception of Sergei, none of us had ever been offshore in our lives.-wvw



Thursday, 10/31/96
23:55  Left Goat Island dock and powered to mooring.

Friday, 11/1/96
08:30  Cast off from mooring @ 08:30. Tied up to Newport Yachting Center alongside @ 09:00.

10:10  Unfurled jib, raised staysail. Proceeded up the bay under bridge to sort out sheet leads and clean up deck. 

10:50  Abeam Inn at Castle Hill.

12:15  Abeam Bell No. 6.

12:25  Abeam “R2” Whistle.

13:00  140º, Wind picking up, gusting to 30 kts.  Rolled up jib, put in 2nd reef. Boat settled down considerably. Wind gusting to 35kts++, seas 4’-6’, overcast, raining, gray. Pos 41º18.7n 71º07.7w

17:00  Course 150º, Wind 20-25kts NW, Overcast, seas 4’-6’, 2nd reef main and staysail. Seas getting sorted out, few sprinkles here and there.  Pos 40º 52’n 70º42w.

19:00  Course 165º, W 20-25kts, seas 4 - 6’ , overcast 40º40’n 70º 33w.

21:00  Unfurled jib, wind down to 15-18kts. Numerous fishing boats. Seas moderating.

Saturday, 11/2/96
00:30  Winds out of NW ~16kts.  Jib, Staysail + 2nd reef in place. Boat performing well.  Seas 3-5’.  Vis clr.  Sky’s cloudy. Several fishing boats seen in the area.  Crew sleeping.  Nick and I on watch. -wvw Lat n40º 08’98 Lon w70º14.09.

03:30  Winds west NW @ 15kts. Seas fairly calm.  Boat bumped fishing mooring (large rubber) about 02:00. No damage.  No more fishing boats in sight. Steering 172º. Lat n39º 55.61 Lon n70º 01.64. Jib, staysail, full main.- wvw

14:00  Winds out of NE 18kts. Ran engine 3.5hrs to fill water tanks. Valve was off. Ran addl. 1 hr.  Moving jib track forward. Setting sail.  Turning off engine. Lat n38º56.04  Lon w69º34.45- wvw

16:00  Lat 38º41.77/ Lon 69º28.50 Engine running, problem with water tanks, watermaker contaminated all four tanks.  Speed 8.0kts Course 169º

18:00  Wind increasing to 20-25kts. NW. Put 2nd reef in main. Course 165ºm

20:00  Wind 55+ kts, gusts to 70kts, jib furled, main dropped.  Under bare poles making 7.1kts downwind. Storm jib hoisted, smoothed ride out, autopilot off, Sergei driving.

22:00  Wind decreased to 30-35kts.  Position Lat 38º10.43/ Lon 68º47.70.  Storm jib still up. Course 150º  Speed 6.5kts  Sea temp 78º.

Sunday, 11/3/96
01:00  Wind 27kts NW, COG 165º. Waves 8-10’ behind us. Nick and Bill on Watch.  Nick tired. Lat 37º51.88 Lon 68º22.23.  Water temp increased to 79ºF.  Crew sleeping.- wvw

02:30  Wind 25kts NE, cold, raining.  Large waves.  Nick and I on deck. 2 waves have boarded us so far.  Both of us are tired. Boat speed 6.2kts. SOG 7.8kts, COG 166º.  Lat n37º 41.44 Lon w68º 13.86- wvw

05:00  Unfurled jib, c/c to 185ºm, wind NE 20-30kts.  6’-10’ seas, overcast, some rain, Another interesting night. Crew doing very well.

08:30  Course 140ºm, wind NNW 30-35kts, seas 10’-15’, jib and storm jib, clouds breaking a little.

11:30  COG 193º, 20kts NW, Large beautiful waves. Mozart playing. All is well. Lat n36º49.31 Lon w67º35.58 -wvw

18:00  Course 170º, Wind N30-40kts, overcast, Some sprinkles, seas 10’-15’.surfing up to 10+kts boatspeed at times.  Lots of phosphorescence. Rather dark. 36º19’N 66º58W

Monday 11/4/96
00:00  Lat 35º49.58N/Lon 66º27.08W  Course 165º, Speed 7.4kts, distance to date 447NM.  Cloudy night 4 - 8’ seas.

02:33  Wind 15kts NE, COG 163º  Clear night.  ½ moon. Quite bright.  Wind almost directly behind us. Jib and storm jib up.  Moving 7 kts.  Seas fairly calm. Lat n35º36.59 Lon w66º13.07- wvw

03:09  Lat n35º33.20 W66º09.34. Nick believes to have seen a red light on horizon ~ 11:00 COG 156º.  Nothing visible on radar. Winds NE around 17kts. Sky’s clear. Moon bright.

06:30  Raised full main, Beautiful morning, first indications of a tropical sky.  Course 165º Wind N15-20kts, seas 5’-10’, subsiding. 40% cloud cover. 35º14n 65º50w  Time for a cup of tea. A visitor, unfortunately deceased. A squid came into the cockpit during the night.  Intriguing little creature with huge eyes.  Never had one of those before.

20:00  Course 190ºm Wind NE 15-18kts.  Seas 6’, 50% cloud cover. Boat riding much smoother. Caught a Mahi this afternoon. Pos 33º57n 64º45w.

22:45  Lat 33º40.43 n/Lon 64º43.14w Wind 12-15kts Speed 7.5kts. Course 200º.

23:30  C/C to 170ºm, Wind veered to E 15kts.

Tuesday, 11/5/96
01:44  Under power/ sails up. 8kts boat speed. 50miles from Bermuda. ETA 09:00 to Waypoint #13 32º30.00 W64º36.00. 15kts wind NE on the beam. Crew sleeping. Autohelm set to waypoint.  Monitoring progress regularly.  Seas calm, sky clear.-wvw

03:22  Under power/ sails up, boat speed 7.5kts.  40miles to Bermuda. Sky Clear, Seas calm.  Autopilot working well. Heading to Waypoint #13. Lat n33º09.86  Lon w64º38.07

08:22  Bermuda sighted off starboard bow! Lat n32º36.95 Lon w64º36.40. Seas calm, sky overcast. Wind 10kts NE.- wvw

10:00  Abeam kitchen shoals light.  Approaching St. Georges.  Vis 10mi. +  Perfect conditions. Crew elated. OOB has arrived 20min. before “Temptress” Swan 51 which left Newport abeam of us! Lat 32º25.18 Lon 64º36.41

11:05  Tied up to Ordinance Island Customs Dock.

12:35  Left dock for RHADC (Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club) Hamilton.


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