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OOB left to cross the Indian Ocean starting from Darwin, Australia on July 20, 1998.  Thereís a lot of water between Australia and South Africa.  2000 miles from Darwin to Cocos Keeling, 1600 miles from Cocos to Chagos, 950 miles from Chagos to the Seychelles, 1100 miles from the Seychelles to Madagascar, and finally, 2000 miles from Madagascar to Cape Town, South Africa.  Whew, Iím tired from just typing in all those numbers...  All told, about 9000 or so miles in total.Check the links at left to read about the experiences.



Hermit Crab

Cocos Keeling: August 1 to 15, 1998
Chagos Archipelago:  August 15 to 31, 1998
The Seychelles:  All of September 1998
Comoros Islands: October, 1998
Richards Bay, South Africa: November 1998
Cape Town, South Africa: December, 1998


Cocos (Keeling) Islands Journal

Chagos Archipelago Journal

Seychelles Archipelago Journal


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