Micko Collins

Michael Collins (Micko)

Born: Melbourne, Australia, 1957

Prior to OOB: Residential and Commercial Development in Queensland, Australia


Graduated Melbourne University Law 1981

I have been living in Queensland in Noosa/Sunshine Beach since 1982 where I have been involved in residential and commercial property developments. I would like to think that I have contribributed to the amenity and lifestyle of the area where the population has grown from 6,000 residents to 35,000 over that period. It also boasts over 150,000 tourists during peak holiday season. In fact, it is now Australia's undisputed, premier seaside holiday resort area with it's restaurants, nature parks, and white surf beaches. The climate averages 27 degrees Celsius during the day with minimums over winter of 16 degrees Celsius, making it a very comfortable year round climate.

My latest venture encompasses shops and residential resorts in Coolum Beach, Queensland with Castro's Bar/Restuarant offering a Mediterranean feel. Living on the beach, I have a great affinity for the ocean and it's surrounds. I look forward to one day growing up and becoming responsible.


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