OS 12/25/96

Officially Speaking 12/25/96

It is officially Christmas Day.  Merry Christmas from all of us on the Out of Bounds!  We are all meandering around tidying and cleaning up from dinner last night.  What a mess!  Ick!  Alex is making pancakes on the grill with Parmalat.  Ick!  Nick has planted himself directly under the Christmas stockings and talking on the phone.  I however am typing.  Click, click, click.  The beautiful upside of all of this, is of course the inherent joy this day possesses.  We have a beautiful rendition of “The Messiah” playing, tea in hand….Not bad.

After a brief and exacting analysis of this island, I have determined it to be VERY EXPENSIVE!  I was doing some last minute shopping yesterday. Last minute. Well, actually I’m one of those lunatics that do ALL of his shopping on Christmas Eve. So, there I was looking for a beach towel for Nick.  Happily toddling along, there was what appeared to be a cute little store stuffed in a nook between Cartier and some other store with tons of gold in the windows.  Hermes of Paris?  Or should I say “Pareeeeessee” the way the French do. Anyway, looks good so in I went. Nice towels, I exclaimed!  It was  the California King of towels!  Wow! Perfect for Nick!  Eyeballing the festive and cool one on the wall, I said to Zeee Fronch Laddyyyyy, may I feel the material? Of course the material felt like butter. I wanted to see the PRICE!!!!  Lucky me!  It was on sale for $595.00! Sorry Nick, your feet will forever fall of your towel and get sandy.  Maybe I’ll sew two together for him on his birthday.

Thank goodness for cellular service around the holidays! It’s bad enough not being home and missing all of the cool parties and of course, Christmas day with the family.  At least now we can talk to them and feel right at home for $4.00 a minute.  Do you  have any idea how quickly $4.00 a minute can add up?? FAST.  The casual “Hi Mom” can cost $120.00! So after today, it’ll have to be…..Hi Mom! All is well! Love you!  BYE!! And Whammo!  Four bucks poorer!  Monopoly? Nahhhhhh.

Well, It’s almost time to open some presents!! Yeahhhh!!!! PRESENTS!!!! We watched “How the Grinch stole Christmas” last night.  Great flick!  What Christmas holiday would be complete without watching this?! Our pal the Grinch, attempting to steal the Yuletide celebration from Whoville!  With “termites in  his smile” and “garlic in his soul” You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch and all that.  What is a big purple snocker anyway?  The dog is my favorite.

Nick is taping up his foot again, using up all of our medical supplies.  So far…… one roll of tape, one ace bandage, ten bandaids, fifteen Aleeve, four gauze pads and three perkasets.

Until next time, this is the happy typist signing out to open presents, drink tea and be festive.  Jingle bells, Rudolph and all that.  Merry Christmas everyone!


Lat n 1754.00 Lon w 6251.37

St Barths- French West Indies


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