Chagos Photos
Relaxing, Chagos style

Alex catches a bit of sleep in the Chagos Archipelago. The islands are uninhabited but cruising sailboats stop for months on end.  Yachtie gardens and huts abound.

Chagos large pic

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Hermit Crab
Chagos Greeting
Whalers carving

A whaler’s carving survives on one of the small beach front huts from 1884.  Or perhaps someone is pulling our leg...

Hot tubbing on a yacht.  Wait a minute... a yacht?
We met these transplanted South Africans that have lived here in the archipelago for the last 4 months aboard Nicola.  They bought an ex-charter yacht that had a hot tub.
 Just add people and the fun begins!

Yachtie hot tub party

Bill and Suzie explore Ile Boddam


Passing cruisers leave a mark of passing through the Chagos Archipelago on one of the deserted buildings.

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