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Monday May 8, 2000
Sailing weather will soon at hand. Not much new, but Alex is thinking about finally starting a book of the experiences.

 New page about a crashed B-24 bomber from World War II on Guadalcanal

Wednesday September 22, 1999
As I mentioned, it’s been a while... Here’s what’s been happening since we arrived back in the states at the end of May 1999:

Bill & Suzie got married on September 18, 1999
That’s right... Most of us on the boat saw it coming.  We figured if they could still stand each other’s company after a year together on the boat and maintain that same “just met” chemistry, it was only a mater of time.

The ceremony was held in a small church with family and close friends. Bob and Sally Greymont from Gypsy Spray came down from Massachusetts as well as the entire Denny clan (Lyster, Sheena, Tom, and Jess) from Truant. It was great having a bunch of cruisers at the reception. Talk about the stories that flowed...

Suzie’s family flew in from Australia and the Van Wyck family was everywhere (Bill has 3 brothers). His brother, Peter, was the best man and Suzie’s sister Elma was maid of honor. Here’s wishing them all the best in their future together!

Alex has moved back to Greenwich and is helping his sister run her retail store, Saturnia.  Big plans in the works are for branching out, including an e-commerce site and franchising.

Alex and I also ended up meeting a wacky bunch of people at the Out of Bounds Welcome Home Party.  Most weekends over the summer have been spent hanging out in Greenwich with Samantha, Corrie, Hope, Chris, and assorted degenerates. Alex and I fit right in...

Hmmm... I’ve been doing the corporate thing. Since I left Out of Bounds in December 1997, I had already transitioned back into the urban life in New York City.  Heading back to Bermuda in May 1999 and being on the last leg home was an experience that capped the whole journey. While I wasn’t on the boat for the last half of the journey, I certainly experienced it vicariously by running this site. In that aspect, I was just like everyone else that followed along from their computer.

I think Lucy gets more e-mail questions than all of us combined! Now that she’s got grass under her feet, she’s a very happy puppy...  She’s not too keen on the little bows that appear on her forehead after she comes back from the dog groomers.  Must have been the freedom of sailing.  Well Lucy, if we have to wear socks again, you’ll have to make do...

Out of Bounds
Out of Bounds is up for sale...  It’s a bit much of a boat for the weekend sail. Plus, Bill is already busy with a ton of new business ideas. If you’re interested in finding out more, please send an e-mail to Bill at the Crew e-mail below...

Yes, we will write it. We’re just not sure when.  If you’d like to help, send us an e-mail with your questions.  Alex and I will then get together and pour over them. Then we’ll put together an “FAQ” type page on the site.

Questions so far have been:
What place was the best?
Which place was the worst?
Would you do it again? (quick answer... a resounding YES!)
I’m planning a similar trip, what kind of boat should I take/buy/sail...

That’s about all for now.  As always, all the best and thanks for stopping by...

Jeff for the crew of Out of Bounds - Bill, Alex, Suzie, and Lucy the pooch.

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