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Videos & RealAudio
This page contains QuickTime/AVI video and RealAudio clips that we have put together over the course of the journey. At the beginning of 1999, look for more video clips to be posted. Aaron Kelly, a regular site visitor, is converting a major portion of the South Paciifc and Indian Ocean 8mm video to the Quicktime format.

 QuickTime VR Videos
A 360 degree view of our world. Pan and zoom around Out of Bounds above and below.

Exterior QTVR 186k
Interior QTVR 186k

Exterior QuickTime VR: 186 K
So there we are trying to sit still while the camera went around and around...

Interior QuickTime VR: 187 K
Same thing except we didn¡¯t have to wait around for this one, we were still unloading the cars to pack up.

 AVI Videos
Download the MS Media Player
Most of the clips below use the Indeo 5.06 video driver. This driver is included in the new Microsoft Media Player 6.0 and above. This software is available for PC¡¯s and Macs by clicking on the Windows logo or by heading over to the Intel Indeo web site and downloading just the video drivers.

2000 feet up...
Passage to Australia
Yellow Fin Tuna
Peeling rubber
A rough pass
Leaving French Polynesia
More video!

Waterfall in the Marquesas: 1.48 Mb
After hiking for what seemed like forever, we popped out in front of this 300 foot high waterfall on Fatu Hiva.

Nuka Hiva, Marquesas: 960 K
Alex¡¯s feet started to tingle as we looked down from 2,000 feet up above Nuka Hiva.

Passage to Australia: 1.4 Mb
Hard on the wind for six days and lots of the wet stuff. A very lumpy ride...

Tuna Steaks: 789 K
Alex not only reeled in this whopper (around 120 pounds or so) but he cleaned it and made sushi rolls!.

Vanuatu: 731 K
Well, you try and be friendly but sometimes the culture shock may be a bit much

Rangiroa Rental: 1.73 Mb
A tour of all 5 miles of Rangiroa by a 3 wheeled contraption that made Bill & Alex laugh like kids...

Rangiroa, Tiputa Pass: 2 Mb
What do get when there¡¯s 7 knots of current against you and standing 8 foot waves all around?  Check this rather large file out and see.  There¡¯s also a section where a dolphin jumps off our bow wake!

Underwater B-17 Dive: 1.7 Mb
In 70 feet of water off Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands is a crashed WW II B-17 US bomber. Great underwater video and detail of the guns and engines.

Roderick Bay, Solomon Islands: 887 K
A local rowed out in a wooden dugout to help us negotiate the coral head studded bay coming in.  Then we all had a great night of eating, singing, and dancing.

Shark Feeding: 849 K
Underwater video of a shark feeding taken in Vanuatu.  Our mothers won¡¯t even watch this one...

South Pacific Dolphin: 795 K
This dolphin was especially cheeky.  He would put his flipper against the bow of the boat and let it push him along. (done with the Cinepac video codec)

Leaving Bora Bora: 1.6 Mb
The waves crashing into the reef that surrounds Bora Bora.  Also, Alex a bit surprised...

Raiatea, French Polynesia: 886 K
Heading out of the reef that surrounds Raiatea, Aldo takes the helm in windless conditions. Not the best way to begin a passage.

On the Way to Tonga: 1 Mb
Beautiful sailing weather as we head towards Tonga.  Everything is trimmed just right and the seas are calm.  Perfect tradewind conditions on the Coconut Milk Run...

More Video from the Bermuda Passage
More video clips in the QuickTime video format from our initial passage in 1996 from Newport to Bermuda.

A collection of audio clips and updates starting from when we left Australia in May of 1998.  Download the RealAudio Plug-inYou can download the latest RealPlayer G2 from the RealAudio web site by clicking on the RealPlayer logo

May 12, 1998 (56kb)
The first RealAudio clip from Lady Musgrave Island, Australia.

May 13, 1998 (62kb)
Alex: Catching a six-foot Marlin and a Tuna.

May 13, 1998 (71kb)
Bill: On the way to Gladstone to get the Autohelm fixed.

May 14, 1998 (44kb)
Bill: Gladstone Marina.

May 15, 1998 (32kb)
Miranda: On the way to the Percy Islands.

May 15, 1998 (36kb)
Suzie: Percy Island.

May 16, 1998 (36kb)
Nick: 44 miles from Percy Island

May 17, 1998 (93kb)
Alex: Anchored off Percy Island and the cruiser shack

May 18, 1998 (62kb)
Alex: Fly fishing in the Percy Islands

May 18, 1998 (48kb)
Bill: Rebutting Alex¡¯s fish story

May 19, 1998 (62kb)
Alex: Airlie Beach, Australia

May 19, 1998 (73kb)
Bill: Water pressure pump goes south

May 20, 1998 (44kb)
Nick: Hamilton Island, Australia

May 21, 1998 (54kb)
Alex: Crocodile eats a chicken leg

May 23, 1998 (48kb)
Alex: Sailing the Whitsunday Passage

May 27, 1998 (50kb)
Alex: 30 to 40 knot winds in the Whitsunday Islands

June 1, 1998 (42kb)
Alex: Duck Island

June 8, 1998 (71kb)
Bill: Cairns, Australia

June 11, 1998 (42kb)
Alex: Cairns, Australia diving the Great Barrier Reef

June 14, 1998 (83kb)
Bill: Sailing through the Endeavor Reef

June 16, 1998 (44kb)
Suzie: Cook¡¯s Lookout

June 16, 1998 (44kb)
Suzie 2: Stingrays and Snorkeling

July 7, 1998 (87kb)
Bill: Darwin, Australia

July 14, 1998 (60kb)
Alex: Preparing for Cocos Keeling passage

August 1, 1998 (115kb)
Bill & Alex: Cocos Keeling

August 4, 1998 (58kb)
Suzie: Cocos Keeling

August 6, 1998 (102kb)
Bill: Alex¡¯s Birthday in Cocos Keeling

August 17, 1998 (147kb)
Bill: On passage to Chagos via the SSB

August 20, 1998 (129kb)
Bill: South of Sri Lanka via the SSB, 200 mile days!

August 25, 1998 (164kb)
Bill: Chagos Archipelago via the SSB

September 29, 1998 (113kb)
Alex: Mahe, Seychelles to Comoros Islands

November 12, 1998 (147kb)
Alex: Richards Bay,  Sinking of a 90-foot fishing boat

December 21, 1998 (71kb)
Alex: Mossel Bay, South Africa

December 24, 1998 (111kb)
Bill: Passing the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

December 31, 1998 (66kb)
Alex: Bring on the night and the new year!

January 13, 1999 (68kb)
Alex: Getting ready to cross the pond...


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